Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wubbanub Review!


Annabelle loves her pacifier...and so do I! Unfortunately, pacifiers have a way of jumping out of baby's mouth. Have any of you ever held the pacifier in place just so that baby will sleep?

Well, the creators of WubbaNub have! In fact, that is how they got the idea for WubbaNub! When their baby was 3 months old they had a problem; their baby would only sleep at night if the pacifier was held in his mouth! So, the ingenious idea of sewing a pacifier to a stuffed animal was born. The slight weight of the stuffed animal helps keep the pacifier in place, or at least nearby.

Annabelle was lucky enough to be able to test out the WubbaNub for this review. We received the Tabby Kitten WubbaNub.... it is so cute!


Annabelle loves to grasp things, and she quickly grasped for the little kitty! She usually goes right for the handle of her pacifier....and then pulls it out, but she seems to like to just hold on to this kitty, and so the pacifier actually will stay in her mouth longer. We really liked how each of the four paws had little beads in them. The beads weighed down the WubbaNub just enough to keep it in place; it is in no way "heavy", however. I also liked that the legs of the animal spread out, it helped keep the WubbaNub in place better.

Overall, we really like the WubbaNub!

Here is a more detailed report:

Soothie Pacifier- the pacifier most babies will receive in the hospital.
Small size- doesn't engulf little babies.
Light- the WubbaNub is very light, but has weighted paws (not too heavy though).
Secure- The pacifier is sewed right into the stuffed animal, no losing this pacifier!
Adorable!- The pictures say it all...they are SO cute!

Only Soothie- if baby is particular, and doesn't like Soothie brand pacifiers, then WubbaNub can't help.
Permanently attached pacifier- when the pacifier wears out a new WubbaNub is needed.
Hard to wash- you can't wash each piece separately so you will need a pacifier cleansing wipe and have to surface clean the toy part or throw the whole thing into the wash (which is what the company suggests, and then suggests you air dry).

So what if you REALLY like the little stuffed animals, and your little one doesn't like Soothie, or doesn't take a pacifier?

Then check out the Wubbie blanket

Perfect for the little one who doesn't care for a pacifier, or for the little one who is no longer in need of the Soothie pacifier but still wants the adorable animal!

Click HERE to find out where you can purchase your WubbaNub!

I received the above item for review free of charge. I was not paid to post this review and my opinion is my own. :)

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JaelCustomDesigns said...

Great review! My son had something similar when he was an infant, he's in his terrible two stages now. Lol!

Thank you for stopping by and following my blog, I'm returning the love! I also followed you on Twitter! *smiles*

Genny said...

Stopping by to follow you back (from MBC). Thanks for popping by MyCup2Yours! So nice to "meet" you!

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