Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse, Winter Solstice, and Yule!

I stayed up for the Lunar Eclipse! 
I hadn't planned on it, I have to be up rather early in "the morning", but I ended up awake anyhow.

Here is my best lunar eclipse photo:

Today is also the Winter Solstice!
The shortest day of the year, and longest night.

AND! For some it is also Yule! 
So Happy Yule! :)

Hope everyone got a chance to see the lunar eclipse! If you took a photo, leave a link- I would love to see yours!

2 fantastic comments:

Tabitha the KnittingJourneyman said...

That is a terrific picture. I couldn't make it to stay up to watch the eclipse...too much going on here w the kids...but thank you so much for sharing.

I am visiting from the retail therapy blog hop and I am really looking forward to learning more about you.

Tabitha the KnittingJourneyman

Turning the Clock Back said...

I missed the lunar eclipse...clouds and 3 AM. Not venturing out for it!

Following from Meet Me Monday, hope you get a chance to follow back!


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