Saturday, September 15, 2012

Text Books and Operation Smile

Okay, what do text books at Operation Smile have to do with one another? Well, how about helping a little when getting something you need already... such as college text books! has partnered with Operation Smile to help kids who were born with cleft lips and cannot afford the surgery to fix it.

Aside from being able to be a part of helping while getting something you need anyway, there are a lot of other perks that come from renting your text books. Campus Book Rentals offers free shipping both ways (huge plus...shipping can be pricey, especially for heavy books). Renting a book is also a lot cheaper than buying a book you'll probably never look at after the class is over, and don't worry...with Campus Book Rentals you can really use your book so don't worry about highlighting the important stuff! Also, if you do think you'll be wanting that book later on you have the option to buy it! Campus Book Rentals will deduct what you already have paid from the value of the book and you only have to pay the balance.

Annnnnd... how about a 30 day window where if something happens (you drop your class, someone else gets you a book as a gift, etc) you can return the book and get your money back? Yep. They do that too.

When I was going to school I was lucky that most of my material was provided. However, I did have to buy one book- Anatomy and Physiology. It was $175 plus shipping... I could have rented it for $41! FAQ's: 

Okay...did you watch that video? LOL! If you did watch it, please leave me a comment letting me know what you though. I'd love to hear what part was your favorite.

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West Valley Animal Rescue said...

I love when a company gives back. I dont have a need for college books yet, but natalie is a senior this year! Will deff check them out next year! :) Thanks Jen!

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