Friday, September 28, 2012

Do you play...

Facebook games? I've dabbled in a few, but more recently my life's become quite busy so I haven't had much time to play. However, I did just start playing a new game, Tail Town Friends. Tail Town Friends (TTF) is a new game on Facebook. TTF is a game in a town full of drama where the "bad guys" are monopolizing the business and you need to help the town get out from under their reins. 

You get to create your own orchard, decorate it to your liking, and complete goals. Adding friends (from your Facebook account) will help you along the way and make the game more fun. Tail Town Friends is free to play, but you can purchase items to make the game more interesting, easier, or play faster (by buying energy). One of the most fun ways to enjoy the game is by purchasing the collectible figurines by Ganz. Each figurine comes with a code that enhances online play. These codes will give you special gifts and fun new goals to reach!

Being that the game is new and still in beta, there are some kinks to be worked out. I've found that loading the game isn't perfect, so sometimes you have to hit the refresh button. Since the game is new, however, you will be one of the first of your friends to join in the fun...and that will give you a head start on getting those goals completed! 

I love the fun challenges that the game presents and it's a good way to just relax for a moment. So, let me know... will you try Tail Town Friends?

I received monetary compensation for my time and two figurines to use in the game. All opinions are my own.

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