Friday, September 7, 2012

Nuby No-Spill Insulated Cool Sipper cups!

No-Spill. What does that mean to me? Less work. You probably know exactly what I'm talking about if you've ever tried to eat with a toddler. Meal time serve a nice cup of milk with the food only to have it on the floor two nano-seconds later. *ugh*

You have probably also tried another "leak proof" cup as well....only to find that somehow that kiddo can make the impossible happen. So, is this No-Spill Insulated Cool Sipper cup any different...? Yes. Yes. it. is.

This cup's magic is all in the lid. The silicone spout covers the whole underneath of the lid. One solid piece means that there isn't a way for the liquid to escape unintentionally without force. I have been amazed with these cups, simply amazed. 

The cup is meant for children 15 months plus. I let my almost two year old daughter and three year old son use these cups. They usually find a way to make their sippy cups pointless (usually by finding something to jam into the spout and make it leak/pour out). The Nuby No-Spill Insulated Cool Sipper hasn't been successfully tampered with yet!

There are plenty of cute deigns to choose from as well. We received this design:

It's a good gender neutral design so both our kiddos can use it. I also really like that each cup has a "This cup belongs to:" area where you can write in your child's name. This is great for daycare or when you are out and may loose it (or forget it at a playdate).

I give Annabelle and Nolyn a cup (of ice water) during rest time in the afternoon, especially in the hot summer when it's often much warmer upstairs than it is downstairs. 

I love that I can trust the Nuby No-Spill Insulated Cool Sipper to do it's job. It helps rest time be much easier than when the kids come downstairs a million times for a drink before finally napping. 

The only con to this cup that I have found is that it is a little difficult to clean the spout part. It's slotted, and can be a challenge to get clean. I've found the easiest way to clean it is to soak in hot water and use a q-tip if needed. Overall, it's a great cup and I would recommend it to anyone with a toddler!

I received the  Nuby cups free of charge so that I could use them to make this review possible. I received no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own.

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