Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cinch me, more time. #Cinchspiration

So, after my disappointing weight gain recently, I got slightly depressed, but as of this morning I am 207.2lbs! Woohoo! 

For the most part, the Cinch Inch Loss Plan has been one of the easiest diets I have been on. Everything is laid out and right there for you. The Transformation Pack makes it so easy. I do have to say there are days that I want other food, but really I can't complain!

Bananas have been my best friend along this journey...they are a staple in my shakes. I love how they really thicken the shake up and add a boost of flavor. Plus, they're good for you and give you the potassium you need.  I have also finally found a way to drink my tea... I add it to (artificially sweetened) sweet tea and it is much easier to consume. I find that the tea has a very smoky flavor which isn't my I had been skipping it. I'm glad I added it back in and I am excited to see if it aids in my loss!

Well, until next time.... 

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