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Five Ways to Keep Kids Occupied on Summer Holidays

Five ways to keep kids occupied in summer holidays

The sweltering days of summer can be among the most trying of the year for the parents of young children. The school holidays can offer a bit of a conundrum to parents at the best of times over how and where to provide appropriate distraction for children, yet the month of January – the longest school holiday of all – also offers some of the most uncomfortable weather of the year. And it can be extra intense for youngsters not so used to having to deal with it all.

So, what is required is really a fine balancing act between enjoying the sunshine and things to do to keep out of the sun when the mercury gets too high. Thankfully, Australia can offer the best of both worlds – plus there is always the option of home entertainment.

Here are five of the best ways to keep the kids happy in the summer holidays.

Inland swimming

Frankly, forget the beach, with its sunburn, crowds and sometimes pollution. A much more enjoyable experience can often be to head in the opposite direction to take advantage of the countryside’s waterholes. There are several reasons this is the perfect fun day out for children. Firstly, a trip to one of the many freshwater swimming locations in the Blue Mountains is invariably a quieter one when you get there than a trip to Bondi or Coogee, while the roads may be clearer also. Swimming in such places is also free of any threat of strong rips, tides and waves, make it overall a safer experience too.


Lots of people have humdrum childhood memories of being dragged along to museums, bored out of their brains. But never underestimate the appeal of such institutions as the Powerhouse Museum, the Australian Museum, or the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne. Interactive displays and installations especially designed for kids make it a hugely engaging visit for youngsters, and it is, mercifully, out of the sun too.

Concerts and events

So many events are put on in the summer months for children. These include concerts and fetes in local parks or perhaps goings-on at your local library. Often, these events are free too, and stand as useful exposure to arts such as music and theatre. Such things are often posted in local newspapers, on the web and on public noticeboards.


The comforts and familiar environment that is the home should not be forgotten about when planning a summer of fun for your children. And we’re not talking about television or computer games. Invest in some well-made and rewarding toys for your children, helping them learn in a variety of ways. As well, don’t neglect the joys of painting, drawing and building. Sometimes home pursuits can be just as fun and nourishing as a trip to the museum. I recommend buying toys from Only Online.

The great outdoors

On the cooler summer days, consider allowing your child to become a little better acquainted with nature. This means modest bushwalks or visits to areas of natural interest and beauty. Another option is of course the zoo or marine life centres for the same reason. Particularly if you are raising your children in the inner city, a trip out to the fresh air and rolling hills can be hugely invigorating for a child.

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