Saturday, August 13, 2011

Six kids?!

Good golly, that's a lot of kids. Okay, six kids may be more than the "norm", but six kids really isn't that many. 

Some people wonder why we have six kids, some ask if they are all "mine", or "are you done".

Well, let me share my story with you.

Let me take you back to when I was a little child. I wanted a ton of kids. No joke...12 kids was my number. In my childhood diary I was always writing about my crushes...and I kept a running list of my future children's names. I loved kids, and I wanted my own child even as a teenager. Thankfully I was able to wait until I was at least an adult to have those children. I spent a lot of my teenage years babysitting, which helped me get my "kid fix".

I came from a split family. My mom and  biological dad never married... and when I was 5, my mother married another man, who then adopted me. I have one step sister, one half sister, and two half brothers. I lived with one of my half brothers growing up, and my step sister lived with us for some of the time. Because of this, I promised myself that I would never have children with more than one man. 

My husband comes from a two-parent household and grew up with three brothers. I think since he had several siblings he found it easy to have a larger family himself.

My husband and I never discussed "how many". We knew we wanted kids, and quickly started our family. It took four months to conceive our first child....and after that- no time at all. We definitely have been blessed. 

We aren't followers of the Quiverfull movement, and we aren't Mormons, or Catholics for that matter. We just have been blessed with many children. I think we both knew that we wanted a larger family, although neither of us had imagined six children in such a short span of time. 

In the years between 2003 and 2010 I have been pregnant every year at some point, except 2007. And it was close for 2007! I had our fourth on December 30th, 2006.

Are they all ours? Yes. Are they all mine. Well, yes... they are all mine. However, I did not give birth to Gavin. Gavin is my step-son, but I have been in his life pretty much since before he was born and been a mother figure to him since he was three months old. It's a long story, but he has been in my life since he was born and I consider him one of my children. I can't imagine  not calling him my son. The rest of the kiddos.... all biologically my husband's and my own. 

Are we done? 

Well.... I can't answer that for sure, but we are pretty sure that we are. Six seems like the right number for us, and if it isn't... seven will surely be. However, I had an extremely difficult pregnancy with my daughter which included a lot of time in the hospital... and even after several wonderful pregnancies with my sons, my daughter has made me reconsider ever being pregnant again. Time will tell, and if it happens, we will gladly welcome another child...if not, we are okay with our family being complete. 

How big of a family would you like? Is there a point when you think a family is too big?

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Madeline said...
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joeh said...

When you can't pay the rent!

Cranky Old Man

Danielle S said...

I have six children--three girls, then three boys. It would have been more, but the seventh didn't make it past three months in the womb. We would have liked to have had more, but it just wasn't God's plan. I love all six of my children and wouldn't give them up for anything! Yes, it does cost more, but they are worth it!

Monique said...

Just found your blog through Twitter, I love this entry!

We have four right now, considering a 5th, and we are constantly questioned about why we'd want to have so many children. People can be quite rude, in some cases.

I'd probably use the Octomom as an example of "too big" - because she can't manage financially or emotionally and that's just awful for the whole brood.

Sabrina B Radke said...

We only have 2 boys right now but I want more kids for sure, the real issue is money and space. We live in an apartment and are broke (who isn't in this economy right?)

Allison said...

we have 1 dd who just turned a year old. we aren't ttc as far as charting, etc. god has a plan for us and we leave it up to him. i believe he will provide for us as he sees fit and wouldn't send us anything we couldn't handle. hubby and i grew up in the same town, he is the oldest of 12 and has approx 50 cousins whereas i am the middle of 3 girls and have 3 cousins, so we come from similar yet different backgrounds. i don't think a set number is "too many", i do think those who can't provide financially or emotionally have too many.

Julia Gabriel said...

Great post. Our stories are similar. I came from a broken home, hubs from a family of 12 funny enough. We always said we wanted 6 kids, but after #5 my body was done. Difficult pregnancy and delivery. So great to "meet" a kindred soul. :)

itsme said...

i am a mom to 6 now, my youngest is a newborn. i hate all the comments about"don't you know what causes that" etc. Seems i can't go anywhere without those sort comments. We pay for our children completely on our own...don't get any sort of public assistance, WIC etc, own more than an adequate house and lots of extra luxuries....(camper, swimming pool etc) so I don't really see how its anyone's business really. I am not asking them for help of any sort, my children have more than enough and they are well behaved and looked after (that is the other comment I usually well behaved they are when we are out). I am sure all you Moms to Many can relate. I actually ran into a lady I know a bit...She saw my newborn and asked "who is this" figuring she meant what was his name I answered with his name. She said "No, where did HE come FROM" I looked at her a little baffled like "my uterus" is that what she means? And I answered in a questioning way "he is mine?" not sure that was what she was looking for. She throws her hands up and says "OH MY ANOTHER".... quite rude!

Sadie said...

If money were no object, I think a dozen wouldn't be bad at all. Though I'd adopt, even though I loved being pregnant. :)

Anonymous said...

We had two, a boy and a girl, and thought we were done. Then (despite our efforts otherwise) found out were were pregnant with number three. The only time someone can have too many kids is if they aren't caring for them. Other than that, whatever makes your definition of "family" complete.

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