Monday, August 22, 2011

ABE- Meridane Designs!

Welcome to A Blogtastic Extravaganza!! This giveaway event is hosted by Jessica from My Silly Monkeys, and features over 100 bloggers! Each blog will have a Prize Package of no less than $50. Use the handy linky at the bottom of this post to hop from blog to blog and enter to WIN! You will have 5 days to enter.

Now... onto the giveaway!!

I love jewelry. I really love meaningful jewelry. Well, I have discovered Meridane's unique pendant that can mean whatever you want it to.

How can it do that?  Well, check out the video...

That's right... from just the words "Love is all U need" and a peace sign stacked on top of one another came a design in which you can find all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-10.

I received the Sterling Silver Pendant with Moonstone. It is a gorgeous piece!

I love the packaging...and I love that you can select what message you want to send with the jewelry. Each piece comes with a card showing how the message that you select can be found in the copyrighted design from Meridane Designs. 

Since Moonstone holds a dear place in my heart, there is a dear message that my pendant holds. No one else ever has to know what message that is, and I kind of like that. It is like my little secret. :)

The Hidden Meaning Symbol really is amazing, a simple and elegant design sure to be fashionable throughout the changing times.

And, there isn't only pendants! There are plenty of ways to get this trademarked design on your person. 

One way is to WIN IT!  Valued at $59, Meridane Designs is offering one LUCKY reader a Sterling Silver Pendant of their own! 

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Sadie said...

OMG I have one of these necklaces!!! It's got all the letters of the alphabet though I believe. It's my fav!!!

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