Thursday, August 11, 2011


What's more fun for kids than making up their OWN rules to games?  Not much!

I know how difficult it can be to get my crew to follow directions and play by the rules, and this is the top reason why DaGeDar is a toy that I find kid friendly.

So, let me back up a little. What is DaGeDar and why am I writing about it?

DaGeDar is a new toy for children age 4 and up. These toys are weighted balls, and each one has a face on it. There are a LOT of DaGeDar balls to collect (and trade)! To add to the fun there are accessories such as three raceway/tracks, carrying cases, spinners, and launchers.  And there are no rules for any of the games.  Let the kids make up their own games, they choose how to play!

We received a party pack and were given the chance to host a play party with DaGeDar toys. We received several ball packs, a Vortex Spinner, a Rapid Fire Power Launcher, and the High Speed Score Zone Raceway. 

The DaGeDar balls themselves were a huge hit- even with the girls! There were several different designs of balls so each of the children were excited to get their own. 

The kids were overly excited to open the toys, they tore into the packages as I set up the raceway. Once finished it was fairly obvious what the goal was. Two balls were to race each other, and at the end they fell onto a tiered box with numbers, and the highest number would win. The children were so eager to try. 

Unfortunately, the raceway didn't work as well as we had hoped. Even holding the track up and thrusting the ball down often did not result in it landing in the goal box. 

Here's some photos of the kids trying to succeed with the raceway,


Overall, I think the kids had fun. They seemed to enjoy the DaGeDar toys except with the frustration of the raceway and launcher. I wish they had performed a bit better, or had less of a learning curve to them. I couldn't imagine having my four year old try this toy- it would result in too much frustration for him. The Power Launcher didn't have any clear instructions, and it was also difficult for the kids to use at times because it had to be on the floor. I personally think the design was genius since the kids couldn't use it in the air as a gun (flying DaGeDars would hurt!), but the kids were having a hard time getting their hands close enough to the floor to pull the spring loaded handle that makes the balls shoot out.

I am sure that we will be collecting DaGeDar balls for quite some time, especially since there are brochures included that show many, many, different balls. A fun feature is that each of these balls come with a code that you can enter online at . When you enter the code it gives you a biography of your ball. And, if you register, you can save your collection online and see which balls you have yet to find. 

My boys are still playing with and carrying around their DaGeDar balls, and I am sure once they are available in a store near us we will be purchasing more for them to trade and collect. I can definitely see this being one of the new must-have toys.

If you'd like to hear more, check out this video from Good Morning Arizona.

Or check out the DaGeDar website for yourself!

I was provided with select DaGeDar toys to facilitate my review and home party. I received no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own.


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