Monday, June 13, 2011

Me On Monday

Hi there! This is my third Me on Monday post... I have taken a while off because SO much has been happening in life. Really, I just feel like I have been on a roller coaster ride... lots of hills to climb, some scary falls, and it all happened so fast!

So.... since there weren't any questions from the last Me on Monday, I am just gonna write. Yep... let's take this as a stream of thought kind of post... because I am just gonna let it out. Be prepared for some random rambling.

The last four weeks have been insanely trying. My husband had surgery...but the surgery hasn't seemed to help much... in fact, he seems WORSE than before the surgery (in more pain). By now, the pain should  be easing up, but it isn't. So, lots of tests and such had to be done. We find out sometime this week if another surgery is needed. We were actually supposed to find out last week, but the doctor wanted to try something again to see if it worked.

Well, since my husband has been recovering, I have been off work.... with no pay. Ouch. Yep.... OUCH. Money creates so much stress! I HATE money. I wish we could survive on love, because we have plenty of that! 

I used to be the person who worked all the time. In fact, up until I had my first child I worked two jobs, even in high school. I once went 7 months without a single day off. YES, you read that right... SEVEN months. Now, granted, I had a day off from one job or the other, but for seven months straight I did not have a single day where I didn't work. Let's fast forward. Now my views on working and money are much different. I would rather be dirt poor than lose this precious time with my family. Life can be snatched away at any second... and I want to take it all in. Now, granted, money is necessary so I do have to work. I have been blessed to be employed at my current job for almost 7 years, and I make a decent hourly wage. This allows me to work less than if I had a lower wage. I am thankful for this. Hopefully with my education I will be able to get an even better wage eventually!

Oh, education.... lovely lead in to this next post. During the last 4 weeks I have also been in a college course. How is it going....?   NOT WELL!  In fact, I have until midnight tonight to complete any assignments (because my instructor has graciously allowed me to do so based on my situation) to try to pass. Yep, to attempt to even pass. So, what happens if I don't succeed. I will fail. I will fail at college. Because of my illness when I was pregnant with Annabelle, I was out of college for 6 months... this also messed up my financial aid somehow and I am on some sort of financial aid probation and I must pass all of my classes in order to continue to get FA. Soooo... if I fail, I really fail.  There is no take backs or do-overs if I don't manage to pull through. Can we say S-T-R-E-S-S??? 

And, we can't forget the 6 kids. Now, my in-laws have been amazing... they watched our kids a lot, especially the first week after Raymond's surgery, but they are still our kids and when they are home, it is hectic! I really, really, have an amazing husband. I have always known how much he helps, but when he can't it makes it so much more prominent in my mind how lucky I am to have a man that is such a great husband and father. 

*sigh*. Well, I told you there would be some rambling... I think I have achieved that goal. I have to stop this post here and try to finish my coursework....

Wanna know something about me? Ask away! I will post the answers in the next Me on Monday post!

5 fantastic comments:

Ashley T said...

I hope your husband is doing well :) Stopping by from ABE

Ourfamilyworld said...

So sorry to hear about that!! That's not easy. Hope your husband will recover soon.
That's not easy not working and not having money: it adds more stress.


Nicole @ Some Call It Natural said...

So sorry you've had so much stress lately! Health and money can lead to big stress!! Here's to hoping things start looking up for you soon!

Amy said...

Sorry to hear about the hubby...i hope they figure it out soon! You an amazing person - even with all this stress on your plate... you still find time to talk to us and let us know what is up! Prayers are with ur family!

Unknown said...

New follower from the Tuesday Blog hop! I hope your husband starts feeling better soon. I couldn't imagine not working I'd definitely go stir crazy :/

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