Thursday, November 7, 2013

Every Child Needs a Budsie! #GreatGift

I received the items below for the purpose of review. No monetary compensation was received.

Awesome gifts are hard to come by. Sure, there are a lot of good gifts out there, even some great ones...but awesome ones just aren't as easy to find. Well, I think I have found one that is amazing for any kid, maybe even any person! 

I have had the chance to check out Budsies, and I am so excited to share what Budsies are. The team over at Budsies bring drawings to life- well, in a way (don't worry, the monsters you draw won't bite you). They take a drawing and they create a replica of it in stuffed form!

Okay, let me show you. 

Our son, Liam, drew the fire-breathing reindeer-dragon as seen on the paper. 

I took a photo of the photo, uploaded it at, and in about a month we received the awesome creation you see above the drawing! 

His drawing came to life! We loved that they got everything from the green tail and one purple leg (the rest are red), to the tongue sticking out the side of the mouth, just right. The details are really quite amazing.

RJ also drew a picture for us. He made a rainbow turtle:

Budsies are an amazing product, and one I can see ordering many times over the years. I think they would be wonderful for any child, even adults too!  How many times have you doodled something you love? You could turn that doodle into a very special gift for your little one! These are items that will be cherished for a long time!

Ordering our Budsies was easy. Sign in with an account, click create Budsie, upload your picture (or you an email it, or text it!), describe it, choose how many you'd like made (choose a few to give, or choose to make it one of a kind) and then checkout. You won't be charged until the designers check out the picture and know that they can make it. Then about 2-4 weeks later you'll get a package in the mail!

What do you think? Would your child enjoy this as a gift? 

5 fantastic comments:

Laura Grace Andry said...

This is awesome. I love it. That is really amazing that they can do all of that from a picture.

Trista Anderson said...

These are super cute I bet my kids would love them I will have to check them out!!

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

This is AWESOME!! Oh man, the things kids come up with on their own- Now knowing they can have them made into a plush toy... So much fun! Must check these out!

Anonymous said...

Now THIS is an awesome idea! Kids have to think this is the neatest thing EVER!

Unknown said...

We are so doing this soon! My 2 oldest kiddos love to draw and I am just amazed at this awesomely creative idea!

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