Monday, November 18, 2013

Check out these FUN Car Seats!

This is a sponsored post.

As kids get older it gets harder to keep them willing to sit in car seats. While it is much safer, riding in car seats is just something many kids do not like to do. Kids Embrace has helped make that easier! 

These fun car seats will make any kid thrilled to ride in the car. With characters like Batman, Spongebob and Dora, how could they resist? 

I know even my older boys would be pretty excited about this Batman car seat. If you think a special kid in your life would like it too, try to enter to win the Batman car seat.

Here is what KIDSEmbrace says about the safety of their car seats:

In sudden stops or crashes, the KIDSEmbrace™ seat controls forward movement of the child's head using our own patent-pending high-position top tether system, which allows the head support to rise and lower with the tether in place. The KIDSEmbrace™ car seat offers side-impact protection and our deeper "wraparound" headrest design shields the sides of your child's face from flying glass in event of a collision. In fact, no other child safety seat on the market has the same combination of features as this one.

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