Monday, November 25, 2013

Dohmie #SeriousSleep

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Sleep. Ah, as parents we often miss this often. Usually it's not because we couldn't sleep if given the chance..but more that our lovely little ones seem to have difficulty sleeping.

We've been experiencing this for the last 10 years. Most recently, we've had difficulty with our 1 and 3 year olds. Our 3 year old daughter wakes very, very often in the night. It's not entirely a mystery why she does this, she has enlarged tonsils and will be having them removed in about a week. Our one year old, however, doesn't have an issue like this. He just wakes....often. We've tried different things to get him to sleep through the night, special night time routines along with lavender scents to help, heavier meals to help his belly stay satisfied, even not coming to him quickly in the night (which really didn't help...). We also have a 3 month old baby....sleepless nights are just the norm for him- but wouldn't it be nice if all of them would sleep a little better?

Since they all have issues with sleeping we were pretty excited to get the Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle for review. 

The Dohm is a noise conditioner. White noise helps babies (and people in general) to fall asleep and stay asleep. You've probably created this type of noise yourself...think of the "Shhhh, Shhhh" noise that you make when trying to calm an infant. Now imagine that a machine could calm a child like that, too. 

We've been using the Dohmie system for about two weeks now. We've found that it is helpful, and there were a few really neat things that I learned after we actually had it in our hands. The first thing is that you can change the sound of the Dohm. By turning the top and side pieces, as well as the switch, you can create many different noises. Annabelle has learned how to do this, and she loves to make it "just right" for her before she goes to sleep. She will actually say, "Momma, listen to the shush".

I think Dohmie would be most beneficial for parents with a young baby, as we have found the biggest difference to be with our 3 month old. Our 1 year old still wakes in the night, as does our three year old, but Orrin really seems to stay asleep longer with the help of the Dohm. 

I have noticed that it helps me feel calmer when I am in the room with it. There is something about the noise that drowns out all of the background noise that bombards us every day (think dryer, dishwasher, heater, creaks in the floor, kids in the other room, etc.). 

Does your child (or children) wake often? Have you ever tried to use noise to get them to sleep better?

3 fantastic comments:

Christy G said...

I have heard great things about a white noise machine. If you think about it, babies are used to noises in the womb and this is how they were lulled to sleep. After all your body is constantly in motion, even while you are fast asleep. I hope that you can get some sleep soon. :)

Amy from GrinningCheektoCheek said...

Huh! I've never thought about using this before. I'm going to give it a thought!

Virginia at That Bald Chick said...

White noise is my sanity savor!

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