Monday, November 4, 2013

A Word of Caution for those Seeking High Speed Internet from #Exede

These are my personal opinions and experiences. 

When we moved last month, I was disappointed that I could no longer keep my cable internet provider. When I looked for other internet providers I expected to find something comparable. Unfortunately I was sadly mistaken.

Of course, all non-cable internet choices have data limits. This was scary for me, since I am on the internet a fair amount of time. I figured I'd be paying a lot of money for extra bandwidth. Well, I haven't had that problem, that's for sure!

My internet practically never works. I am currently working in offline mode, and will finally publish this when I get a signal again. I have called customer service numerous times, and through resetting my modem and restarting my computer I CAN get internet back...for 5 minutes then it's out again. It is SO frustrating! I reset my modem at least 5 times a day, and I usually just plain give up.

Of course, there is no reason why Exede would want to solve my problem. They'll get paid for the next 23 months regardless because I am in a binding contract.

Anyhow, buyer beware. Exede has been horrible for me, I would rather have dial-up at this point.  Exede requires auto-pay monthly on the first, and there are no paper bills. I have yet to receive an e-bill, but they have taken the money out of my account just fine.

I just cannot explain my disappointment fully in words here. I would be very careful and do some research in the area you are considering living in when looking into Exede internet. I wish I had done more research myself.  

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