Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The long wait...

This morning my husband went into the operating room for the second time in his life. May of 2011 he had a surgery on his back. Today he is having another.

The first surgery was a more simple surgery. The surgeon removed a portion of my husband's bulging disk and then some of the bone to relieve the pressure on his nerves. Unfortunately the surgery didn't work... in fact it seemed to make things worse.

Today my husband is having a spinal fusion. The surgeon will be putting in titanium hardware and then removing bone from his hip, then putting it along his spine. The bone will eventually grow into the spine and fuse it together- which will prevent the movement that is causing pain. 

As with any spine surgery (or surgery period) there are a lot of risks. It's currently been about one hour since he's been opened up- and we have 4-6 hours to go. I hate the waiting. The waiting room is full of family members, we're all crowded into a room staring at the update screen. I trust the surgeon- but it's still scary and nerve-racking to have to wait around.

2 fantastic comments:

Susan F. said...

I am praying for your husband and you right now!

Six in the Nest said...

Thank you Susan!

As an update- the surgery went well. It went a little longer than expected because of some issues with scar tissue from his previous surgery but now it's just the road to recovery that we have to travel. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers!

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