Monday, August 6, 2012

My Cinch Update #Cinchspiration

So, I haven't lost anything in the last week. Thankfully I haven't gained anything either! My weight is still 208.6lbs (okay, so I've gained .2lbs). 

Just a few minutes ago I found out my husband's surgery will be moved up to Wednesday the 8th. That's TWO days away. I am very nervous about this, both for him and our family, but for how it will affect my weight loss as well. 

Last time I lost a significant amount of weight my husband had surgery when I was at my lowest weight. I gained it all back. Stress and I can go two ways. I either stress and don't eat a thing (which hasn't happened in a long time) or I eat everything in sight (the usual since I have been married). 

The truth is, I treat food as my luxury. This is something I have been working on changing, though.  

As for the Cinch program itself. It's still going pretty well. I do not like the energy tea, so I have been skipping that- but other than that I like everything. I do wish that there was something salty in the kit. Everything is sweet... sweet shakes, sweet meal bars, sweet snack bars. I start craving salty things at times. Thankfully I can usually get my salty cravings in during supper. 

I want to share with you my favorite Cinch shake recipe.

8oz of Almond Milk (original flavor)
5 ice cubes
2 scoops vanilla (or chocolate) Cinch shake mix
A sprinkle of instant coffee

Put in a blender and blend until smooth. It is yummy! I do have to warn you all though, if you put too much instant coffee in it isn't very good. A light coffee flavor is best with the Cinch shake, in my opinion.

Well, thanks for reading- I hope you all are enjoying August! I'll probably be quite preoccupied for the next week or so, but look for more updates soon!

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