Friday, August 17, 2012

How to wash your child's hair....

Are you a parent to a young child? Yeah? Well... does your child hate having his or her hair washed? Mine, too.

For years we've used a cup to rinse shampoo out of our kids' hair. For years we've dealt with our children screaming that they don't like it. We've tried washcloths, we've tried using our hands, we've tried "the dunk", all of it has been fairly ineffective.

Well, Nuby has a tool for parents like us to use. It's the Tear-Free Rinse Pail.

Ah yes.... see that "lip" that is different colored? Well, it's a soft edge that conforms to your child's forehead allowing you to pour water over just the child's hair. Genius, right?

I was very excited to try this. I currently have 2 children who are in the stage of hating their hair being washed, so I was hoping for great things. The first try wasn't as successful as I had hoped, honestly. Mostly it was fear...the kids wouldn't stay still. They expected water pouring over their face when I held up the Rinse Pail.  It took a good few tries for them to realize that if they were calm and let me do it, it would be better. Once they understood that things went much more smoothly!

Even when I'm not using the Tear Free Rinse Pail for rinsing hair it is still useful for rinsing off with! And, kids LOVE playing with it, too!

I would definitely recommend using this right from the get-go if you can! Even if your child doesn't currently have an issue with their hair being washed.... they may at some point.

The Tear Free Rinse Pail is available from Buy Baby Direct currently for $5.99.

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