Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh no, the scale says I've gained. #cinchspiration

Sadly it's true. The last couple weeks have been nuts. If you remember from my last Cinch update post, my husband had some major back surgery just a couple weeks ago.

My weight had been holding steady at 208, but as of today I am 212.2. Although, I am happy to report that my measurements say I have lost! 

Oh yes!  Total inches lost to date... TWENTY! Woot Woot! 

I honestly think the weight gain has to do with "Aunt Flo" who just arrived today. I have also been super craving chocolate... but not the Cinch kind. REAL, not-good-for-me-because-I-can't-eat-it-in-moderation chocolate. 

The last couple weeks have been so much different for me. I am a working mom...of seven. I relied heavily on my wonderful husband, but now he needs to rely upon me and heal. My husband can't help me with the kids, or the chores, for a few months... so I'm on my own (except when my mother-in-law so kindly does the dishes I leave in the sink from dinner!).  I have been so busy!  I am much, much more active. Aside from walking to work every day, my exercise includes running around taking care of the chores and kids. I've been so busy I have even skipped some "meals", usually my lunch shake/bar. I have found that it hasn't helped me lose...and I am wondering if it is making me gain, so I need to get back to the program and remember to do both my meals.

Really though, Cinch makes it so easy. The shakes and mealbars are very simple to make/grab and go. I am also SO excited because Shaklee has added a new product to the Cinch line... 


I cannot explain how happy this makes me...really. There's so much sweet in the Cinch Inch Loss Plan that you really crave some salt. The Crisps are a much needed addition! 

Okay... and here is my Cinch Shake recipe of the week...

Banana Bread Shake

10oz Almond Milk (Original)- or whatever milk you prefer
3/4 Banana
4 Ice Cubes
A sprinkle of Nutmeg
A shake of Cinnamon

Blend and Enjoy!

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