Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yard Sales and Emergency Rooms...

We have been planning a yard sale for couple weekends now. Last weekend I was too sick to do much other than lie in bed. This weekend started off quite rainy. 

We were blessed with some sun this morning and were getting our yard sale set up. My husband wanted to put his weight bench out for sale, so he put that out. My kids had quite the fascination with it. They all wanted to be tough guys! Well, we kept telling them to leave the bench alone, that it could hurt them, but they didn't listen. Well, at least not until their two year old brother decided to mess with it too... he ended up with a broken, fractured, and mushed thumb. :(

I can handle a lot... most injuries are not a big deal to me.... I've seen some pretty bad ones. This one was different. Nolyn's thumb swelled so much that I thought it was going to burst, and it looked like he was pouring blood out of his thumb like a watering can does water. It was everywhere. 

We quickly poured some water on it and bandaged it and he was off to the hospital with his Daddy.

This is what it looks like 10 hours later... ( much, much better than this morning):


The doctors said he would have to have surgery to really do everything they needed to do, but that they didn't recommend it because of his age. He will likely never have a nail on his thumb again because of the damage to his nail bed. For now, all we can do is change the bandages, keep it in a splint, and follow up as soon as the nail falls off to see if they can try to repair the nail bed. 

It was hard to believe how quickly it swelled this morning, it was really scary! My husband told me Nolyn broke his thumb, and has a fracture near the knuckle, which is why it swelled so much. Poor little Boog! 

Other than that, the yard sale was pretty uneventful. Only a handful of people came (and we are thankful for each one!). It was a hot, sunny day up until about 4:30 pm or so...then a dark cloud loomed in the distance. My husband told me to check the weather...'no real chance of rain', I told him. Within minutes it was pouring and we were scurrying around covering and moving things. Hoping for a busier day tomorrow and no rain- we need this stuff gone!

What kind of ouchies have your kids (or yourself) gotten? Do you handle blood/injuries well, or do they make you a little flustered? 

2 fantastic comments:

Working Mommy said...

I love a good yard sale...makes me want to have one. I really should get rid of all the kid's old clothes to make room for the new one they need! Hope that thumb gets better quick!


Lisa said...

That picture was physically painful to look at. Hope his finger's healing up nicely. Ouch!

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