Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Today I'd like to introduce you to dENIZEN jeans, from Levi's!  

These new, great fitting, jeans are available ONLY at Target.

dENIZEN jeans are well-crafted, with a fit for nearly everybody!

We first got a pair of these jeans for my husband, for review...

Men's #299

Raymond LOVED these jeans...
However, my husband's usual size in jeans did not fit him well in these jeans, so we were sent the next size up.

The next pair we were sent were:

Men's #233 (except ours was a dark wash).

My husband isn't a huge fan of the dark wash, but I  loved these jeans on him! They look fantastic on him... I really wish he'd wear them more! He said they were comfortable, and felt good, but he just didn't like the dark wash that we received... he thought they were too dark.

Since he hasn't worn them all that often we haven't gotten to wash them as rigorously as I would have liked, but they do feel like good, high quality jeans... just what you would expect from a Levi's jean. dENIZEN's affordability combined with Levi's quality is a great combination that I am sure you will enjoy as well!

dENIZEN has jeans for nearly everyone in the family, too! Men's, women's, and children's styles are available. I was a little disappointed that bigger women were left out from wearing these jeans... the women's size stops at 18. 

I would highly recommend checking dENIZEN out on their Facebook page... you never know what kind of deal you may get! And don't forget to check out a Target near you to try a pair of dENIZEN jeans on!

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