Friday, September 23, 2011

The littles got croup. :(

Miss Annabelle, and Nolyn have been sick. We noticed them coughing late Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning, and when they woke up they sounded horrible. Well, as the day went on Nolyn's breathing got worse, and worse. I took them to the hospital two hours before their scheduled doctor appointment just because I was so concerned!

When we got to the ER they both had fevers and both were wheezing. Neither of the kids had an appetite and Nolyn was even refusing to swallow his own saliva, and he was drooling terribly. 

The doctor came in fairly quickly, and she said she was pretty sure it was Croup, but that she wanted to do some other tests. Nolyn had 3 x-rays done of his chest/lungs/throat and they gave him a "breathing treatment" to help aid his breathing. Once they determined there wasn't something else like pneumonia or epiglottitis the doctor said that there wasn't much they can do because Croup is a viral infection. Both of the kids were given a steroid to reduce inflammation, and Nolyn has been continuing the steroids since his condition was worse.

So, we've had some sick kiddos these past couple days! Never fun, but I think they are "on the mend" and will be well again soon.

Have you or your children ever had croup? 

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Sandra Wilkes said...

Oh sorry! Croup? Yes. Better than colic. Steam up the bathroom with really HOT water. Wait till it's really steamy. Take babies into bath in your arms. Close the door to trap the air. Let them just breathe. Breathe with them and infuse calmness and peace and comfort while you do. Helps treat now that you know what they have.

The Real Mom said...

Yuck. Hope they're doing better. I've had 1 of my 4 babies get croup while an infant & it was kinda scary. They almost hospitalized her, but the doc decided to send us home with a nebulizer & had me just do what the hospital would've done. She came through just fine. She's now 6 and quite healthy.

MomEO said...

Yes, I remember walking my babies outside in the crisp cool air to help them breathe. There's nothing scarier! I hate it, because it's a virus that causes it, and the doctors can't do anything for viruses. The only thing that helps with viruses is essential oils. Wish I knew that when my babies were little!

Mellie said...

Oh my, that's no fun. Sending warm thoughts your way and hopefully it'll pass soon.

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