Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Holy Smokes... MORE Facebook changes coming soon!

Thanks to a friend on Facebook and this article, I am trying out the new "Timeline" feature that will be hitting Facebook in early October.  I have to say, it is DIFFERENT!

Now, I am not a fan of change... not one bit. I find security in the same ol' same ol'. 

This one is fairly neat... I am still going to be a little resistant, though.

 Here's a screenshot of my  NEW Facebook profile page..

And here is the page scrolled down a bit...

See the new "Timeline" feature. 

This is definitely a new look for Facebook profiles.... what do you think? Will you like it?

One thing that makes me a little hesitant about this change is the privacy concerns any new changes bring to a social neworking site. Will the new changes create loopholes for hackers, yes, more than likely... so I hope Facebook will be on their toes and get them all fixed quickly when they do come about.

Leave me a comment, I would love to hear what you think of the new Timeline feature that will be coming to Facebook in early October!

6 fantastic comments:

Meagan - Sunshine and Sippy Cups said...

Ugh- No more Facebook updates! I have a theory, that they are trying to confuse old over-thirty folks like myself, so we leave Facebook and it's only young, trendy people using it.

Lol :) - but only kind of.

Here's my thoughts- Everyone used MySpace and loved it, until they started messing around with it, doing "upgrades", and no one liked it anymore. Please, my beloved Facebook, don't change into someone you're not, and cause us to break up?!

Change just for the sake of change is silly, and I feel like that's half of what fb does- so many small tweaks seem to have no point. I'm really unsure about the change you show here- it seems like a lot of wasted space, tons of extra scrolling.

Plus, if they're going to do changes, it should happen all at once, not one change, another big one a couple weeks later, then some more right after, right?

Please Facebook- slow your roll. You're beautiful just the way you are. Never change.... :)

Nadia's Notions said...

I think the timeline thing looks really neat, I just haven't had the patience to sit down and try to figure it out. :P

Unknown said...

I don't really like the most recent changes, they're confusing. And the constant update of every tiny thing everyone is doing on FB is annoying and I feel weird knowing everyone is getting updates of what I'm up to. But the upcoming changes look neat. I think they'll perfect everything. If everyone hates something, they'll most likely improve it. I'm sure everyone will catch on and get used to the changes after a while... If not, G+ is becoming pretty big, maybe the masses will switch over to that.

Brandon said...

I had this shoved on me on the 15th of September. Made my Google+ account like a week later. <3 Google+

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Five Foot Mama said...

OK... I'm not typically a big fan of change either, but I love the idea of the Timeline feature! I find myself frequently going back and searching through my status updates to see when things were happening, whether it is for documentation in a baby book, for my blog, or for the journal I'm working on for our new baby expected in March. The timeline will be so helpful and save so much time! Yes!

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