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Nap Nanny Chill Review!

Have you ever seen a baby that refuses to be put down? It can be almost funny at times, the second the baby is laid down, it cries, the second someone picks the baby up, it is fine. Well, my daughter Annabelle is one of those babies.  The first four months of her life were filled with many sleepless nights. She is just so picky about where she sleeps, and she hates laying flat. Most of the first few months, Annabelle slept on my chest, in an upright position. 

We were given the extraordinary opportunity to review the Nap Nanny Chill, and I am so thankful!

Okay, so what is the Nap Nanny Chill?

Let me show you!
The Nap Nanny was thought up by Leslie Gudel-Kemm, after many nights of her daughter only getting sleep when in a car seat or swing. Her daughter didn't like laying flat, and many other babies don't as well.

So, Leslie thought up an awesome design for an infant recliner! 

The Nap Nanny is made out of durable, but lightweight, foam. The Nap Nanny only weighs 3lbs, so it extremely easy to take the Nap Nanny to any part of the house that you need to go!

The Nap Nanny has a weight range of 8lbs and up, the reclining position is great for toddlers too! All of my boys tried out the Nap Nanny, and only the oldest two (6 &7 years) didn't fit comfortably. It is possible to get a LOT of life out of this product!

Speaking of getting a lot out of the Nap Nanny, the Nap Nanny's weight makes it easy to take to, say, Grandma's house! If you do want to take the Nap Nanny with you, there is the Nap Nanny Travel Bag! The Travel Bag also makes a great way to protect the Nap Nanny during storage. 
Okay, now that you know a little bit about the Nap Nanny, let me tell you about our experience with the Chill!

I could barely contain my excitement when the Nap Nanny arrived! The box was large, and inside the box was a large plastic bag covering our beautiful new Nap Nanny Chill! 

The Nap Nanny was ready to use right out of the box.

We let it warm up a bit (since it is winter, and we're in Michigan, it was awfully cold from the travel) and then...


Now, remember how I said Annabelle was a "do not even think of putting me down" baby?
Well, she looks pretty content to me! 

Over the next few weeks we started to use the Nap Nanny to train her to take some alone time...and it worked!  Annabelle didn't start sleeping through the night until she was 4 months old, and I think the Nap Nanny had a huge part in helping her! I don't even want to know how long it would have been if she hadn't learned to relax when put down!

When I was inspecting the Nap Nanny Chill, I found it to be put together well, sturdy, and convenient. If the Nap Nanny happens to get dirty, the cover is removable and washable! The cover is also has a waterproof lining so that the foam is protected!

The ONLY thing that I really wasn't fond of is the placement of the warning label.  I understand that it basically has to be right in your face for liability reasons, but it ends up right under baby's head. It would have been nice if it could have been about shoulder level or below on the baby, that way it didn't irritate their little heads (from the stitching). You can see how Annabelle chose to kind of lean away from that spot, and if she got upset  or wriggly the stitching would make her head a little pink in the back. Not a huge deal, but something to be aware of.

The three point harness is very secure. We had a bit of a difficult time loosening it, but I suppose that is a good thing since you don't want it to come loose unless intended.

Overall, I have to say that the Nap Nanny is an awesome place for a baby to hang out... my husband agrees and he thinks they should make an adult sized Nap Nanny!

The Nap Nanny is meant to be used on the floor, and the floor only. Please, don't put it in a crib, on a counter, or anywhere other than the floor. Also, be sure to not place the Nap Nanny in an place on the floor that is next to another surface (wall, couch, etc). 

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4 fantastic comments:

Unknown said...

amazing review, like always jen! :)

Six in the Nest said...

Thanks Skye!

Mrs. Carney said...

I, too, just had my 6th child. I was considering buying this because my youngest doesn't like to sleep anywhere except her carrier or swing. Now that you've had yours for a few months, is it still intact? Is it worth the $130 investment or do you think the carrier/swing work just as well? I just hate to spend so much money on something that I either won't get a lot of use out of or won't hold up considering I have so many children. Thank you for your input. :)

Six in the Nest said...

I think it is worth the investment. Ours still looks pretty good, a little wear but nothing extreme. We had to keep the rest of the kids away from it, as I am sure they wouldn't be too kind to it.

The only thing that I had a hard time with is finding a space on the floor where the other kids wouldn't bother the baby in the Nap Nanny.

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