Friday, February 18, 2011

7 passenger vehicle, 8 in the family....

Since our little girl arrived we have been struggling with how to transport the family. We currently own a 7 passenger minivan, so if we ALL had to go somewhere, we had to take two vehicles.

Well, today we "fixed" that. We had two options.... buy another vehicle or find a seat that sat 3 children for the middle.  We were told that the only seat that was able to seat 3, and fit in our van, was another rear seat.

So, we found one. I can tell you that while it isn't ideal, another bench seat is much more economical than purchasing another vehicle! Unfortunately, the seat makes it a little more difficult for the kids to get to the back seat, but it works! 

Here is my phone's (very poor quality) photo of the six kids in the back. The big white thing is Annabelle's infant seat.

I'm just happy we can all go somewhere together again!

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Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

Not ideal, but a blessing all the same! On the raod again.... du du du du -you know... that song that always played when I was little ?

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