Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to De-Skunk a dog....

It is under unfortunate circumstances that I must write this post... my dog got sprayed by a skunk about 45 minutes ago.

In case you are coming to this post in urgent need of a de-skunking remedy, here is the recipe I used.

2 16oz Bottles of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
1 small box of Baking Soda
1tbsp of Dawn Dish soap. (I used a couple squirts).

Try to get it on the dog as quickly as possible, the faster the better! It may not seem like enough, but unless your dog is huge, it probably is plenty.

Rub down the entire dog, focusing on the part that got sprayed, but be careful around eyes, mouth and ears. Give your dog plenty of water after this process. After you rub the entire dog down try to wait a few minutes. Then, take the dog to the shower (or, if it is warm, the hose). Rinse the dog completely and thoroughly.
Doggy should smell much better now, if not...use a second batch.

This isn't our first go around with the skunks in our town. We have actually been "blessed" by the wonderful animals once before, last summer.  That time was MUCH worse, my dog had gotten sprayed right outside our window, which happened to have a fan pointing inwards (it was night, and we were getting the cool air inside).

Yeah, so much fun. 

Well, thankfully we learned how to de-skunk our dog then and we were semi prepared this time...except it is the middle of winter and freezing!

Once I smelled that pungent odor my mind went blank. couldn't be. NO! What are we gonna do now? It is winter, we can't spray her off with a hose, we don't want her to freeze outside, and we don't want that smell inside. Ugh. I mixed up the magic solution went out on our porch and slathered our dog, Sophie. Then I brought her inside and showered her. AND then, repeated. It seems like the smell is pretty much gone.  There is only a faint hint of it left....but our couch has some little white dots thanks to the peroxide and Sophie shaking everything off.

4 fantastic comments:

elizlind said...

Ugh! I hate the smell of skunks. Luckily I suppose my dog never got sprayed when we lived in the country... sadly she prefered going after the porcupines!

Six in the Nest said...

Ouch! My childhood dog got hit by a porcupine a time or two, no good either. She also got skunked a time or two as well...but my parents didn't know about the magic mixture so we always smelled SO bad!

Our town really needs to do something about the skunks (there are a TON of them) but the town is too poor. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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