Monday, February 14, 2011

Vitalicious Review

"Maximum Nutrition and Pleasure for Minimal Calories!"

Have you heard of Vitalicious? Let me tell you a little more!

Vitalicious is a food line with lower calorie options to some of the more unhealthy options out there. I personally LOVE muffins, but did you know those muffins aren't always a good choice? Depending on the muffin, there may not be much nutritional value and the amount of calories usually just isn't worth eating! Vitalicious offers Vita Tops muffin tops. Muffin tops are my favorite part, and probably yours too. The Vita Tops come in many flavors and they all have great nutritional value! Each Vita Top has about 100 calories, 4-10g of Fiber, 3-5g of Protein, and 15 vitamins and minerals!

I was sent a sampler box of Vita Tops and Vita Brownies to review.

The shipping was fast, and per instructions, I put the Vita Tops and Vita Brownies into the freezer as soon as I got them. In order to keep the products fresh, they must be frozen upon receipt as they have no preservatives or additives. 

Thawing the products was simple. It took about 20 seconds in the microwave, then I could enjoy a warm muffin top (or brownie)!

My favorite Vita Top was the Cran Bran. YUMMY! My least favorite was the Banana Nut, but that is because I REALLY wanted to put some margarine on it...but that would kind of defeat the purpose of eating a low calorie food! 

The brownies were okay. They weren't as good as my usual homemade brownies, but considering they were only 100 calories and much more nutritious, I think I can handle the taste exchange!

Overall, I would recommend Vitalicious Vita Tops and Vita Brownies, especially if you are looking for a more nutritious option for your diet!

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