Thursday, October 31, 2013

Toppy Toddler- Full Coverage Baby-Bib?

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With littles who are learning to eat, we'd all like a less-mess experience. Toppy Toddler created their No-Mess Baby Bib feeding set to try to help us as parents to get just that experience. 

The set comes with a bib which attaches to a place-mat, which also has a slit for a bowl. The set also comes with the bowl, fork and spoon. 

Our biggest mess maker is chocolate, so I wanted to see if the Toppy Toddler set could cut it with a nice chocolate cookie. I even let Luke keep his white shirt on underneath (it has green arms...but I promise- it's white under there). 


For the most part the Toppy Toddler set did well with the chocolate. Luke only ended up with a small line of chocolate on the white part of his shirt. Overall, it is definitely better than if he hadn't had a bib on, and since the placemat was attached there was less mess on his high-chair.

We also tried the No-mess Baby Bib during dinner. The bowl didn't stick to the highchair like it should have, so Luke was able to freely move the placemat portion of the bib around- and he did. I think a big improvement would be to add something to weigh the placemat portion down- but then I'm not sure if it would be machine washable.

I do love the waterproof but washable fabric that this is made of (and there are several different cute designs). If he was drinking, he wouldn't douse himself with his drink, which is a nice thought. Luke still uses sippy cups, though, so thankfully no spills from liquid yet.  We were able to wash this simply with a sprayer in the sink (wouldn't have needed a sprayer, it just was convenient).  You can also toss this into the wash if needed. 

Overall, I think the Toppy Toddler No-Mess Baby Bib can be helpful, and we will be keeping it in our diaper bag for outings. I don't see the need for it at home, personally, as we can plan for any messes better- but when we are travelling it will definitely be beneficial to have some extra coverage available!

You can also check out the Toppy Toddler  $100 gift card giveaway that is ongoing.

2 fantastic comments:

fancygrlnancy said...

I have these too. I had the same problem with the bowl. It just will not stick well to the table, but I have my high chair up to the table. I was hoping on an actual high chair tray it would work better.

Emily - faliLV said...

That looks really big, but I can see how it would really help with something super messy like spaghetti!

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