Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I'd Like for Mother's Day. #SocialBlackout sponsored:

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for MetLife. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I know a lot of Moms may want flowers, or chocolate, or cards... but all I want is to spend some nice quality time with my family. This is a sponsored post... but really, this is the gift that I want most. I just want a nice day with my family. I'd love to go out as a family and do something fun. That undivided attention with my entire family is something that doesn't happen often here. Sure, it's kind of crazy to get everyone out and about and make sure that we are all in a positive mood, but when it happens- it is glorious. Those days are the days that memories are made! I'm not sure if my family has anything planned for me, yet, but I would definitely enjoy a peaceful day with them. 

MetLife also realizes that all too often we do too much multitasking. Even when we are out with friends and family- you can often find people on their phones updating Facebook and Twitter. Growing up, social media and our always-connected gadgets did not exist. As children we read books, played outside and entertained ourselves until dinnertime. Now it seems we can't go anywhere without checking our social media sites. The thought of leaving home disconnected, without our smartphones, brings on a wave of panic (especially for the social media savvy)!

It's okay to stay connected...but how about giving Mom your undivided attention this Mother's Day and  vow to participate in the #SocialBlackout event. It's the easiest even to join in on... just don't show up! This Mother's Day, MetLife challenges us to take part in their #SocialBlackout movement, giving us Moms everywhere the undivided attention we deserve. Rather than sharing photos on Instagram and updating Facebook, on May 12th MetLife wants everyone to log off from social media and spend quality time with Mom.

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