Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tales of Surgery, Infection, Wisdom Teeth and a Newborn!

It's been three weeks since I've given birth to little mister, Orrin. Hard to believe time has gone by so quickly. It always seems to do this to me, though. I cherish these days with a newborn, it's one of my favorite times with my children. The days seem long, but the weeks fly by!

The last three weeks have been quite exhausting. I've been recuperating from the loss of blood and blood transfusion, but I also am still struggling with a lot of health issues. I was supposed to have surgery last Monday on a kidney stone and to replace some stents, but it had to be cancelled due to a kidney infection. Now I wait and see what antibiotic I will be on since I am allergic to so many and nursing (there are a few you're not supposed to use when breastfeeding). Of course, it's been nearly a week and I am still not on antibiotics, so my infection is only getting worse.

Then, I had to have two of my wisdom teeth pulled the other day. One broke in half, and the dentist said they always take them in pairs (in her office anyhow). Not fun, and I definitely NEVER want another tooth pulled... I will explore all options before ever having that done again!

And of course, there's Orrin! Nighttime feedings and fussy times mean that I am more tired, and the fact that the only place he wants to sleep is in my arms (but who could resist?!) make that I am having a difficult time getting online and actually doing some work! 

I will be having surgery sometime in the next two weeks, and hopefully I will recover quickly! I just wanted all my readers to know I am STILL here! And, I hope to be writing a bit more this week between baby snuggles and feedings, doctor's appointments, and the occasional nap. :)

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Christy G said...

You sound like you have had a rough few weeks. I hope that you start feeling better. Your baby is so adorable.

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