Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sponsored: Headfirst! Expert Advice on Lice – A New Head Lice Resource for Parents

The below content is sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur’s Headfirst! Expert Advice on Lice campaign
on behalf of Mom Central Consulting . I received a promotional item as a thank you for

Every parent hopes to avoid dealing with head lice, but much like taxes, some things can’t
always be avoided. In the United States alone, an estimated six to 12 million head lice
infestations occur each year in school aged children. If you are facing head lice after your child
returns home from camp, there are resources available to help!

The Headfirst! Expert Advice on Lice website is driven by experts who are also moms, so they
get it. The site features basic information on the little critters like symptoms, diagnosis,
prevention and treatment options, and a variety of tools including:

· The How to Lose the Lice Guide, with a handy checklist to save time and reduce stress
when battling head lice
· The Headfirst! Lice Experience video allows you to choose your experience, whether it
be you’re not sure you have lice, or you just want to get rid of them:

It’s important to remember the most common way to spread head lice is head-to-head
contact. Thinking ahead with things like teaching your child to avoid sharing brushes or hats is
a good start.

So if you’re trying to get rid of head lice post-camp, or a parent who always likes to be
prepared for next season, visit Headfirst! Expert Advice on Lice for more information.
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