Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Mother's Day, be sure to send her a treat!

Sometimes Mother's Day gifts can be hard to decide on... there's jewelry, flowers, pictures, candy- just so many options! I was given the chance to check out Shari's Berries and was provided with a gift card to pick something out that I thought would be a great gift for a mother.

There are a lot of options... so many yummy treats, and even some flowers available to go along with them as well. Well, I have to say I think I picked out a great gift. I, as a mother, sure did enjoy it!

I chose the Cheesecake Trio and Full Dozen Swizzled Strawberries.. I was happily surprised that they were shipped overnight (I was wondering how shipping would happen since they are strawberries and cheesecake...both which need refrigeration).  The day before my order was scheduled to arrive I received an email letting me know the order was on it's way. 

The next day... it was on my porch!

See the instructions? "INSTRUCTIONS: Close and lock door. Hide behind large piece of furniture. Quietly open box. Savor and enjoy!". 
The instructions were great... but it wasn't until I opened the box that I knew why they were there!  

They came packaged well with freezer packs and in between insulating foam. Nothing was melted or warm.

Don't they look DELISH!? Well... they were. 

These treats were sooo yummy. The cheesecakes were my favorite, and they were absolutely divine. The strawberries were ripe and yummy, too. The only thing I wish was different is I wish they hadn't covered the stem in chocolate. While they remove the leaves, they leave the stem. I am not one to just chew up the stem and eat it, so it kind of bothered me to have to bite the chocolate off and make sure not to eat the stem. If they had left the top of the strawberry undipped I would have enjoyed them more. Maybe it's just a personal choice though, as I know a lot of chocolate covered strawberries come like this.

Now, remember I said I knew why those instructions were there? Yeah... that's because if anyone else sees these, or worse yet- tastes these, you won't be able to keep from sharing them. They are so good. Thankfully there was plenty to share. 

If you're looking for a great gift for Mother's Day (May 12, 2013! It's not far off!), then I would definitely recommend checking out Shari's Berries. You can also click to see if there are coupon codes or discounts available for the items you are interested in!

I received a gift card to check out the product and purchasing process for Shari's Berries. All opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was received.

4 fantastic comments:

Unknown said...

YUM!!!!! That looks so good. I already have a sweet tooth and that isn't helping!

Amanda said...

Holy YUM! I need me some of these. I love that they email you the day before so that they wouldn't sit out on the front step and spoil.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh those look amazing!! YUM!! I know I'd love to get those for a gift for sure :)

Amanda said...

OMG yum!!! I scrolled down and saw the Sherri Berries box and knew what was coming. Think I just ruined my breakfast cause now I want some :)

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