Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Bump'd it!

Oh, Baby! Yeppers, I am thinking about our eighth little one who will be arriving in July... We've decided on a name by the way, his name will be Orrin!

With a new little one coming soon, I like to get an idea of what I would like to get for him and what I need to get. There are many sites out there for exactly that and I have been given the chance to become an ambassador and compensated to check out and tell you about SunnyBump.

SunnyBump is geared for pregnancy and baby related items... so I've been Bump'n all my favorite wish list items for Orrin! When you join you get to make your own collections. You can make collections for pregnancy, for baby, and for an older child, too!

For Orrin by inthenest
For Orrin

As you can see I'm pretty interested in owl items and green gear... they happen to be a couple of my favorite  things. It was fun and easy to make my collections, and I can share them easily with friends and family...and of course, all of you!

What would you put on your SunnyBump collection?

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