Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nuby Stretch Mark Cream

If you've been pregnant, you've probably been worried about stretch marks. Some times they are inevitable, a wonderful gift passed down from your family (thanks, genetics).  I was one who was given plenty my first pregnancy. As a young mom, I was more self conscious than ever, and the stretch marks really did bother me. It bothered me even more that, even though I had been vigilant with coco butter being applied to my belly twice a day, every day, I still ended up with so many.

After talking with my doctor, he explained that stretch marks can't really be prevented... but creams can lessen them and lighten them. Keeping skin moisturized can help reduce the damage caused while stretching to accommodate your growing figure. 

Nuby has a Stretch Mark Cream in their Natural Touch Skin Care Line.

N├╗by’s Natural Touch™ skin care for mothers is specially formulated with you in mind. Our rich emollient butters, creams, and lotions are enriched with natural ingredients like vitamin E, cocoa butter and Lanolin.

I personally love that it is so thick. I've enjoyed using it so far this pregnancy, the thick cream feels like it is really covering my skin and helping to keep it moist and nourished.  I am hoping that my stretch marks will not get any worse this pregnancy (they haven't really in the last few), and maybe even fade a bit with this cream. 

You can purchase the Stretch Mark Cream at BuyBabyDirect, currently for $4.99 per tube.

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