Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Touch of Tranquility.

Ever had one of those nights where you just can't relax? You can't calm down and get to the point where you need to be to sleep? Well, I am sure (as you probably know) children have those nights, too. A Well Being recently sent me their new Tranquility Oil & Spray Combo to try out for just those occasions!

I've been using the spray for about two weeks now, I spray it on my pillow, and the kids' beds as well. The smell is so nice, and it definitely has a calming affect!

Tonight, I decided to try it in Luke's bath. He's been quite crabby recently, and I thought that this might help... it sure did! I think I likely used to much (I squeezed a bit to hard), but it sure did smell nice! Once I got Luke into the bath he fussed a little like he always does, but then he calmed. As he lay in the bath he started to noticeably get sleepy, his eyes were heavy and he closed them often. I couldn't believe it! He seemed so tired, and it happened within 10 minutes of getting in the bath!

I decided I didn't want to wake him when I took him out of the bath, so I took him out and got him ready for bed before he had a chance to actually fall asleep. Once placed in his crib, though, he was out! I am definitely excited to try this with some of our older children soon!

You can buy the combo pack at A Well Being for $29.99 currently.

I received the product at no cost to facilitate my review, no monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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