Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Death of our Bunn.

Oh how I will miss coffee... :(

Today, my Bunn coffee maker caught on fire. True story. A big flash, some smoke.... it was crazy and I am SO glad I was right there doing dishes when it happened so I could unplug it quickly.

We've had this coffee maker for years, and we've always liked it. I was sad to see it go, so a few minutes ago I sat down to the computer and put the model (GR10W) into Google so that I could find a new one to replace it. To my shock and horror the first thing that came up was a recall. Yes indeed, back in 2005 Bunn  recalled our model of coffee maker because it was a firehazard. Well, nice to know NOW. 

RIP BUNN Coffee Maker... we'll miss you even though you tried to catch us on fire.
I'm disappointed we didn't know our product was recalled...but I guess we just didn't get the memo? 

Well, my husband tried to take it apart to see what he could see. Let me tell you... you do NOT want to see the inside of the water holding tank after 7 years of using it! There was a TON of calcium/mineral build up- it was so gross. We will now be replacing our coffee maker more often. *sigh* I will miss my super fast coffee maker...but I am more glad I was in the right place at the right time and we still have our house and family!


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Mama Chocolate said...

Eek! That is pretty glad you were right there to take care of it, it could have been much worse and caused a lot of damage if you hadn't been in the room!

As far as the calcium/mineral buildup, I think (for your next coffee maker) you can run a mixture of white vinegar and water through occasionally to keep that down.

OR go with a French press instead if you can...much tastier coffee ;-)

Six in the Nest said...

We did use vinegar... but I think after so many years it just builds up. I personally think we haev more calcium in our water than most people, too...since I swear I can see flecks in my tap water.

What companies make a french press maker?

Bellesouth said...

Absolutely awful. This is why we have the FTC bureau of Consumer Protection - imagine if they just left it to people to find out for themselves?

Mimi N said...

Dang, I'm glad you were there!! My daughter's flat iron caught on fire one year! Thank goodness it wasn't while she was doing her hair!! I'm glad you guys are ok!!

Nadia's Notions said...

Wow!Bunn is known for it's superior coffee makers! That's what my MIL uses. I should find out that model so I can see if hers is also recalled. :/ Have you thought about getting a Keurig? I'd love for you to do a review on one since I am considering getting one. (I broke my coffee pot)

Nicole Pyles said...

OH that's too bad!! I actually have a "backup" coffee maker at home for his very reason. Shows you how much I need it, doesn't it? :)

Beth said...

My dad's bunn was recalled when the recall went out in 2005. They contacted him. I believe he had to fill out the form that came with it and that's how they contacted him. I remember because he bought a cheapo coffee pot to replace it for a while.

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