Monday, May 14, 2012

Peppa Pig!

If you watch Nick Jr. you may have seen Peppa Pig...if you haven't you should check this adorable animated series out! 

Peppa Pig is an adorable young pig. She has a little brother named George, and together they have some fun adventures. Their family has the most adorable British accent. Peppa Pig deals with common everyday things that most children deal with too. Things like riding a bike, having a parent at work, losing a favorite stuffed animal, or going camping. Of course, no pig could go without jumping in some mud puddles from time to time!

I found all of the "episodes" fun and imaginative, and they lasted just long enough (5ish minutes each) for preschoolers' attention spans. 

The fun laughs and snorts make the little ones giggle and it's pretty fun to see them try to snort like the pigs as well. Overall, I think it is a positive influence on my children and I don't mind them watching the program at all. The positive messages and topics that can lead to good discussions will leave you happy to have watched.

What shows do you enjoy with your children? Will you try watching Peppa Pig?

I received a copy of the Peppa Pig DVD and promotional items to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

7 fantastic comments:

Mama Chocolate said...

Katie loves Peppa Pig! I like how the episodes are nice and short too.

Mama Chocolate said...
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Not a Perfect Mom said...

My Hope loves Peppa Pig! She rolls around on her back laughing along with them

Turning the Clock Back said...

this sounds cute...I don't think I have seen this one yet! short episodes are good...just long enough to sneak in a cup of tea!

Mimi N said...

My boys haven't seen Peppa Pig. They're a bit older. It's something they would've loved as preschoolers. They always enjoyed the Nick Jr. shows!

brett said...

we haven't seen peppa pig but it sounds adorable! i love animal shows. kids to, too

Nadia's Notions said...

I have never watched it, but it sounds adorable! I think we will have to check it out. :) Our favorite shows to watch are Dora the Explorer, Veggie Tales, and Umi Zoomi. :)

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