Friday, May 4, 2012

It's a ___, and Intelligender was RIGHT!

Yes, we like to find out the sex of our child before birth. I like to be prepared, and the one time we had a surprise baby I didn't find the "surprise" all that magical. Just me. 

Well, there's a fairly new product out there... you may have heard about it, but maybe not. A gender prediction test that uses urine to give you a clue as to what you're baking inside! 

Now, before I get into all that... I want to explain that YES I know the difference between gender and sex. I prefer to say gender, and usually gender and sex match up pretty well (there are always exceptions, however). 

Okay, now that that's cleared up... I want to share with you this fun product that can help you "find out" what your little one will be as early as 10 weeks!  This product is Intelligender

Yep, you can use this gender test as early as 10 weeks! I LOVE knowing what we're having... it's a lot of fun to guess too! So, getting a result 10 weeks earlier is even more fun. 

The test was simple. I collected my urine, put it in the test... swirled and waited. Make sure to read the directions on your test (each time if you take more than one)! The directions will clearly tell you what to do and how long to wait before reading results. 

Okay, I am sure you're waiting to find out.... Baby #7 will be a.............

BOY! :)

On the left you can see how my urine matches the dark green result. What you can't see is that that is clearly labeled boy... the orange result is a girl result.

I love that the test was so simple... and while they definitely let you know you shouldn't be painting your nursery or buying baby's wardrobe based on what the results are, it was right for us (well, assuming that the ultrasound is correct as well).

There have been two independent tests done on the accuracy of Intelligender, both have concluded that  Intelligender has an above 85% accuracy rate!

The only negative thing I found is the smell of the test is rather unpleasant. Of course, urine itself isn't pleasant smelling, but there are definitely some chemicals in the test, and while Intelligender has tried to make it pretty sealed up, there is a smell. That being said, I wouldn't not use Intelligender... it only lasts the amount of time it takes for the reading to show up- then you can dispose of it.

Have you ever tried Intelligender? If you did, was it accurate for you?

You can find Intelligender on Facebook, and Twitter too!

6 fantastic comments:

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

I used Intelligender and it was correct for me too! It was fun :)

Unknown said...

Oh how cool!!

Nadia's Notions said...

I would have loved to have used that for my pregnancies!! I absolutely hate surprises and love being prepared. I will be sure to tell my pregnant friends to check out this post. :)

Tree said...

Yay.. a boy!! :) That is so cool.. we didn't have fancy gadgets like that when I had mine. lol

Whitney Jordan said...

I have heard of this but didn't use it with Kynlee. I may just have to test it out whenever we get pregnant with baby #2 though!

Trista Anderson said...

I am so glad it was right I would like to try this when im pregnant next time...

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