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Miracle-Gro Expand 'n Gro Review

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I'm not a huge gardener, but I like to have a flower bed and a couple indoor plants in and around my home. Soil is always one the most import things when you plan to plant something. We have some seriously dry days in my area, and I have to admit I have forgotten to water my indoor plants at times. Miracle-Gro Expand ‘n Gro™ holds 50% more water than regular potting soil!

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Well, there is also something else a little different about Expand 'n Gro. The planting mix comes dryer than you'd expect (which makes it much lighter to carry)! You mix the planting mix with an even amount of water and it absorbs the water and fluffs up! It grows up to 3x the original amount!

Of course, I took a few pictures of myself trying Expand 'n Gro.

I have a lavender plant that wasn't looking the best after this winter. It definitely needed to be re-potted.
So, I got my supplies and decided to get this poor plant a more happy home.

I filled the new pot about half full of Expand 'n Gro.

I added water and got dirty!  Actually, it really wasn't all that dirty, lol. Since this isn't soil (it's actually mostly natural coconut coir) it didn't really get me that dirty. It was easy to mix, and when the soil was all moist and heavy I figured it was "done".

It grew about 50% for me, maybe a little more.  Then I added the lavender plant.

And voila! A happier plant! I am excited to see this plant flourish! Expand 'n Gro feeds a plant for up to six months, although the package does suggest using a Miracle Gro plant food after 30 days.

I really can't wait to see what this planting mix does for my little lavender plant. I would definitely recommend this mix for those who don't have a lot of storage space for their gardening supplies since you can buy one bag and essentially get 3 bags of planting mix!

Leave a comment telling me what you think is the best thing about this planiting mix and you could be chosen to receive a sample of Expand 'n Gro Planting Mix to tryout yourself!
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