Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This Momma has the flu.


Yep... it's been fun, NOT! This is the first time I've had the flu when pregnant and it has been torture!

I even got this year's flu shot!

I started having symptoms Sunday night, I just didn't feel very well. Monday morning I went to work, and ended up having an ambulance called to check on me because I felt like I was going to pass out, and I was having trouble catching my breath. My heart was racing, my pulse rate was over 140bpm. I was warm to the touch and somewhat sweaty, but I was so cold. 

I headed to the hospital, and my blood pressure was dropping when I stood. The doctor told me it was due to the additional strain of the illness while pregnant. Oh joy. 

So, here it is Wednesday, and I still feel like poo. I have asthma, and the flu has really caused issues with that. I feel like I can't get my breath and I'm using my rescue inhaler much more often than I should be. 

I've also missed the whole week of work so far, which makes me sad. But, like my boss says, I need to get better. 

The hardest part of this all, is I have no energy...and that includes no energy to be a mom. Just bathing the kids wears me out. Hopefully it will be gone soon...

Have you had the flu when pregnant? Know of any good ways to beat the discomfort of the flu?

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