Friday, November 12, 2010

What About These Boys?

I suppose some of you may be wondering, "Where are those boys she keeps talking about?". So let me introduce our 5 wonderful little boys...

Gavin, soon to be 7 years old:

RJ, 6 years old:

Liam, 5 years old:

Gabriel, soon to be 4 years old:

Nolyn, 19 months old:

So there is our boys! Here are some group photos......

1 fantastic comments:

Mandee said...

And why aren't those boys red heads!? he he! Just kidding! Wow, I have to say that you have your hands MORE full than me, and I don't say that
Ours are 10,7,5,2 and 3 months.
Oh, and feel free to email at
I tried to reply to your comments on my blog, but you don't have it set up to show your email.
Have a great weekend! :0

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