Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The sickness has struck....

My oh my have I been busy the last couple days! Yesterday, my husband had to have a procedure done on his back. He has two ruptured disks, and he has been in a lot of pain for a couple years. The procedure he had done cauterizes the nerve endings to help get rid of the pain- but it is very painful to get done. This is the second week that he had this done. I guess he has a bone fragment on the left side that was in the way yesterday, so they couldn't complete the procedure and could only do it partially. This also means that he may have to have a more serious surgery to repair his back. I guess we will see what the doctor says soon. So, my husband was hurting and needed to rest yesterday.

We got a call from Liam's teacher yesterday right before he was due home on the bus. She said that Liam (our 5 year old) had had a rough day and that he was very upset right before going home and complained his eye hurt. She wanted to let us know pink eye had been going around, so we should watch for symptoms. Oh joy. So about 5 minutes later the boys get home from school. They come inside, take off their shoes and such, and get settled on the couch. Liam starts crying. We ask him what's wrong, he said someone threw sand in his eye and his eye hurts. My husband looks at his eye - nothing appears to be wrong but he says to me that Liam feels really warm. We take his temperature.... 103.5. Yay. Having a newborn in the house, I start to freak out and worry. I call the doctor. The doctor says it is probably viral, and to try to keep Liam and Anna apart as much as possible and wash, wash, wash, hands.

Today, I thought things would be a little better, but Raymond's back still hurt. He let me sleep in a little bit since I was up with the baby most of the night. Liam had thrown up this morning and was still burning up. His temp ranged from 102-103 and he was pretty miserable. I decided I would take him to the doctor's after I get the grocery shopping done later that afternoon. Well, we had a home visit from Gabriel's headstart person to do first. She was here for about an hour, and then I had to go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping took especially long today as the store was awfully busy. I didn't manage to get home until 6:30ish. Then..... Raymond started throwing up. So now I have a sick kiddo, and a sick husband. :( I am sure it will make its rounds, but I sure hope it passes over Annabelle. Tomorrow I will have to take Liam to the doctor to find out what sickness this is... I am thinking strep throat, but since I am not a doctor we will see tomorrow.

I have a lot of catching up tomorrow, and the boys have a half day of school because of parent teacher conferences, so we will see what I manage to get done!

TaTa for Now!

Edit.... Now Gabriel (our 3 year old) is throwing up as well. Sigh. Poor kiddos (and husband!).

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