Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Good Dinosaur- The Good, The Sad, and the Scary.

I received a copy of THE GOOD DINOSAUR for review purposes. No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

If you haven't heard yet, Disney Pixar's  The Good Dinosaur is available now! We just watched the movie, and I have to say- I love it. Here's my review (WARNING- Spoilers).

This story is a fabulous story about friendship and courage. Arlo (the dino) is the "runt" of the family, and scared of everything. He struggles to find his place and his worth in the family. The story takes a turn when a family member dies ( why are these always SO sad?!) and when Arlo feels like he is to blame for the tragedy.

After another accident happens Arlo finds himself a long way from home, but with an unusual companion- a foe turned friend. Together they must find their way home, and Arlo has to find his courage to face the unknown along the way.

Okay, so I want to share with you one thing that I think parents should be aware of... if you really don't want specific spoilers, stop reading now.

There is a point in the movie when some dinosaurs seem like they are friends, but they are really the bad guys.... and it's pretty scary, especially for the younger or more sensitive kids. You see a little "critter" be "saved" and then promptly eaten unexpectedly, and it's harsh. These dinosaurs also attack later in the movie and it's a bit frightening then, too.  Aside from the frightening parts, there is also many sad parts that will make your eyes swell with tears. The movie is a good movie, but I do wish they hadn't disguised the bad guys as helpers at first.

The ending will warm your heart and overall it's a very powerful movie about facing fears and being a good friend.

Here's a clip from the movie, check it out and check out your local retailer or find The Good Dinosaur on Amazon.

You can also find the new short, Sanjay's Super Team.  These shorts have become almost as anticipated as the movies for our family. I enjoyed this one, and I loved how it helped open my kids to another culture, making them curious. 

Included in the bonus materials, you can also find "True Lies about Dinosaurs". I loved this bonus material because it tells kids about how this movie is make believe, it's not factual, and that the dinosaurs likely wouldn't have actually seen one another since they live at different times. The other bonus materials include deleted scenes and Recylosaurus: a fun short about how people made large dinosaurs out of only recycled items.


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