Sunday, November 2, 2014

Amazing Zhus! #TheAmazingZhus #Magic #Christmas #HotToy

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Be prepared to be amazed! With the The Amazing Zhus, you are sure to get a great show!

One of this year's hottest toys... it's currently not in stock on, but you can have them let you know when it is in stock! You can also look in your local store to see if they're available there.
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^Not sure why this says it was posted on November 11th...since it isn't even close to November 11th yet!

This is just one trick that The Great Zhu can do (and other pets in the Amazing Zhus line). There are some great tricks, too. The Great Zhu can also find the pea hiding under magic cups- every time. 

The Great Zhu also follows your little magician's commands by wand... check it out:

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One look at his classic magician's hat and you can tell that The Great Zhu is a magician of the highest caliber! Amaze your friends with his fantastic magic tricks and stunts! Point the magic wand and he will follow! 

This was Nolyn's favorite trick... and our kitten, Willow's, too! 

Th Great Zhu also comes with some cards to read (and do tricks with) and can explore on his own. 

This pet will go to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity.... that's a long time. It's my only wish that this interactive pet had a switch to turn him off. Other than that, he's provided many hours of fun for our little ones.

You can also get Madame Zhus, for those kiddos who prefer a more feminine magician (or a purple Zhus)! There are also several stunt pets available in this line, too... so plenty to collect! Prices range from $8 to $30 per item... keep an eye out for sales!

What do you think? Will your kids like these?  

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