Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day! #AveenoDad #MC #Sponsored

My husband is amazing. Really. He's the best father I've ever met. People always ask me how "I" do it when they see us out with the kids, but the truth is, "I" don't. I'm not the at-home parent. I work outside the home and my husband does not. We truly have to work together to raise the children, and while it's not always sunshine and roses, it is very rewarding.... it's especially rewarding to me to see the children interact with their dad.

Raymond (my husband) has always been very engaging with our children. He loves to play and be silly with them, which they adore and return so much love to him. From making breakfast with sound effects to a calming bedtime bath, he's there to help make it special.

Orrin isn't a huge fan of baths, and they are short and sweet, but Raymond tries to make them as soothing as he can with lots of fun afterward. While he was fussy during bath time, extra special tickles and lotion can make up for the frightening water. You can see the love on Orrin's face for his daddy after his's enough to make my heart melt. <3 p="">

Aveeno sent us samples of their baby wash and lotion to try out with our little ones. We've used Aveeno products in the past, so we were pretty familiar with them, and we knew we'd enjoy them. They were wonderful, as expected. The light scent of the baby wash is nice, and the unscented lotion is great for sensitive skin.  Aveeno products definitely help Daddy keep bath-time gentle, and we'd definitely recommend the products.

I hope all Dads out there have had a wonderful Father's Day! Remember to hold your children tight and never forget to tell them how much you love them. 

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