Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Help this life saving device become a reality.

As a parent, how many times have you crept down a hallway, opened the door and peeked inside. As you navigate your way through the nursery you silently pray that you won't step on a toy, sneeze, or breathe too loudly. You peer through the dark trying to see your baby's chest and listening for the rise and fall of their breath. And then it happens. The baby uses it's spider sense and recognizes you're in the room and wakes up screaming. You'll now spend the next thirty minutes trying to get that baby to fall back to sleep, and though you regret ever going into the room in the first place, you'll do it again tomorrow night... or maybe even a second time tonight. There is no fear like the fear a parent experiences when they wonder if their silently sleeping baby is still breathing.

AIM Infant Alert Monitor 

AIM Infant Alert Monitor[/caption] Meet AIM. AIM takes the guesswork out and lets parents know they will know seconds after their baby stops breathing should that ever actually happen. Though the chances of ever needing this device are slim, the inventors knew the peace of mind in knowing your baby is still breathing regularly is absolutely priceless.
The AIM monitor is attached to your baby's waistband or diaper. It monitors the movement of a baby's stomach created by breathing. Should this movement stop, the AIM issues a quick "JustChecking" vibration. Oftentimes, newborns just need a subtle reminder to keep breathing and a small vibration is just the reminder they needed. Should movement not resume after the vibration, an audio alert is sent to the parent unit letting Mom, Dad, babysitter, or whoever know it's time to check on the little one. Sounds amazing right?

Unfortunately for all of us, this product doesn't exist yet. Healthcare Zoo needs your help to make AIM a reality. Find out more about the AIM and the goals of HealthCare Zoo by clicking over to their Indiegogo campaign. You can pledge to help with the first round of manufacturing the AIM Infant Alert Monitor. Pledge $100 or more, and you'll even get a monitor for yourself if the campaign is successful! Every little bit helps. Even just a $5 donation could help save a baby's life.

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Christy G said...

This looks like a cool product especially if you are a new paranoid mom.

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