Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our little people are being bombarded... #HealthyBaby

I received compensation and product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own, and I really feel like this is an important cause. Thank you for reading.

Our children are growing up in a hostile environment, and they don't even know it. Heck, most people don't even know this! The chemicals that surround us at nearly every moment are terrifying once you start researching what goes into nearly everything we use. There are chemicals in our clothing, chemicals in our furniture, chemicals in our self care products, and yes...chemicals in our food. 

Unless we make an active choice to live much differently than most people, we cannot get away from these things in our everyday environment. What can we do? We can try our best to lessen the chemicals that we are exposed to by making smart choices. We can choose products that vow to help us stay away from chemicals, products such as Seventh Generation products. We can also teach others how to make smart choices...and together, what we do, will all add up. We may not be able to make ALL the bad things go away, but making them less is better than doing nothing at all.

Check out  Healthy Child  and see what's going on. There is SO much information available on the website, and it is amazing to see how bad somethings are...and yet how simple (and free, or cheap) some of the solutions can be to avoid being exposed to those chemicals!

Another way to help make a difference....
Right now The Chemical Safety Improvement Act, legislation that would work to protect our families from toxic chemicals, is before Congress.  Contact your senator to ask him or her to strengthen and pass this act.  It's very easy – it takes just a click to find and message your senator.

You can help your friends learn more, too. Starting next week, there will be 2,000 of these parties happening in communities all over.  You can get more information and tips along with a $1 E-coupon from the Healthy Baby Home Party website.. For just $25 (shipping and handling), you can host a party with samples and information for your friends, after all... we want all our friends to be healthier, too!

What did you find most surprising about the video? How do you try to avoid chemicals in your home?

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