Thursday, December 13, 2012

Get a smile with Transformers! #HasbroKREO #spon

Do you have a young boy who loves Transformers? We have several at our house... and they love building blocks, too! Kre-o takes two fantastic things and joins them together in their awesome Transformer building kits!

This kit is huge! It's definitely not for little kids, there are lots of chokeable pieces (keep them away from the baby!). But oh the possibilities! You can build 9 different things with this kit! You can build one giant robot, 4 smaller robots, or 4 vehicles! 

Now, keep in mind, these do not actually transform. In order to actually make another figure or vehicle, you have to deconstruct one and construct the other. This set is definitely challenging, and will give any experienced builder a great goal. I would recommend that parents assist their younger kids with this... it can be fragile and pieces do fall off when bumped which can be frustrating for some kids. The box recommends this set for 8-14 year olds. Your young one may need some help, so stick around just in case. 

It is a huge accomplishment once you have the mega-figure constructed, what a boost in self esteem and the feeling of overcoming the challenge is amazing. The smaller robots and vehicles are much more manageable, and just as enjoyable to build. 

You can also get smaller sets (perfect for stocking stuffers)! I really liked the small sets we received. These are great for the more beginning level builders (6+). The Decepticon Ambush set is great. It comes with 4 KREON Figures, 80 pieces, and can build an ATV or Robot Drone. It also includes one of the pieces needed to make the Ultimate Dark Energon Weapon!

Another great stocking stuffer option is the KREON Micro-­‐Changers Mystery Bags.
For just $2.99, each Mystery Bag contains a random KREON figure, which can also convert into an alternate mode like a jet or an insect.

These building sets will definitely keep our boys busy for quite some time with all of the different challenges that they have. I like that these aren't just a once and done toy, they will be built over and over again and I am sure the kids will get quite creative with the pieces as well! Overall, I definitely think this set is a great set for any child who really loves to build things and enjoys the challenge of bigger projects and the smaller sets are great for getting a new builder's interest going!

To learn more about KRE-O Transformers sets you can check out Hasbro’s website. You can keep updated with the newest news by liking Hasbro on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter, too

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4 fantastic comments:

Two Little Cavaliers said...

I love that you can build so many different things with this kit. I think that is important for older children so that they can continue to learn and grow.

Completely unrelated but I have to say that I LOVE your blog header! The owls are adorable and I love the style they were done in.

Unknown said...

Those are so cool! I have two little boys that would love to see those under the tree Christmas Morning!

Marina@EBMR said...

My little man is too young for this but I do know some friends' sons who'd love this!

Cinny said...

So cool! I want one too! I had forgotten they had Kreo.

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