Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A trip to the toy store...and I don't mean bigboxmart! #localtoystore

I have vivid memories as a child of my trips to the REAL toy store in my area when I was a child. The Rocking Horse Toy Co is the store that I remember (and it's still very much there today). I was amazed that there were SO many more toys available than just Cabbage Patch dolls and Barbies! These are toys that I never saw in the big box stores that we usually shopped in. My dad was a fan of the real toy stores, and I am very thankful that he introduced them to us when we were kids. There really is so much out there that you won't find without going to these amazing neighborhood toy stores.

This Saturday, November 10th, is Neighborhood Toy Store Day.

Not only will you find shopping your local toy store may just be amazed at what is there! There are SO many toys that just aren't available in big box stores! I honestly feel that the toys I get from my local toy store last longer and my kids enjoy them more. Maybe it's just me, but maybe it's not! The quality of these toys always amazes me, and I love that you have such a wide selection of toys that really grasp a child's imagination and allow them to run with their creativity!

ASTRA (the America Specialty Toy Retailing Association) has put together a great toy buying guide that I would highly recommend to those of you who will be searching for the perfect gift for that little one in your life (or that big kid, too!).

We were able to try out two toys that are on ASTRA's Toy Buying Guide, and our kids have REALLY fallen in love with one. The Tobbles Neo by Fat Brain Toy Co. instantly grabbed our toddler's attention...but even the older kids wanted a turn too!

These easy to stack colorful balls entrance the kids! They love to see if they can stack them different ways and it is really interesting to see the other ways they play with them. I have been told they were eggs (that baby birds have hatched out of), nests, squids (when upside down)'s just been so much fun. I really enjoyed watching as my kids used this simple, but enriching toy!

Have you ever been to a local toy store? What was your experience like, were you surprised with the selection?

I received a sampling of toys in exchange for this post. All opinions are entirely my own!

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