Sunday, February 19, 2012

Organize your life with Clipix!

Have you heard of clipix yet?

If not, you should check out this neat little tool!

Clipix is a super easy (and fun!) way to basically bookmark those sites that you want to go back to... or share fun ideas with friends.

One thing I love the most about Clipix is that you can make a board that is just for your eyes, just for your friends and you, or one for everyone. You can also have a collaboration board! Say you want input from some friends on... wedding dresses. Well, make a wedding dress board collaboration! Then all of your friends can help you find gorgeous dresses to look at!

I like looking at cookies, so I decided to make a cookie board. There are so many great ideas for super cute cookies!

Also, if you have an iPhone, you're in luck! There is a Clipix iPhone app so you can take all your clips and boards with you! Have some outfit ideas that you want to try to recreate...clip them to your boards and head to the store! Have some really cute cake ideas? Clip them and show the cake maker! It really is simple and easy. 

I can envision Clipix being used for baby shower registries, wedding registries, superbowl party ideas, birthday party ideas, wardrobe revamping...really, the possibilities are endless!

Clipix also allows you to rearrange your boards how you you could put together a timeline of sorts! You could plan a bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding reception, baby shower, first birthday, second birthday.... and put all of your boards in order for optimal organization!

What would you use Clipix for?

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